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Beeda Weeda Bio

Discovered by Souls of Mischief and Hieroglyphics member Tajai, & J. Moe the CEO of Pushing The Beat Productions, Beeda Weeda arose to fame as a hyphy star in the Bay Area Hyphy movement, around the mid-2000s. For several years, the East Oakland, CA, native had been strictly a producer, making beats for his neighborhood friend and eventual group partner Lil Al. When Lil Al had to go to prison, Weeda stepped up his rhyming skills in order to continue forward as a solo artist. 

His first CD, which he pressed himself and circulated around Oakland, quickly earned him respect, and it ultimately found its way into Tajai's hands. In contrast to the Hiero MC's spiritual and alternative rap background, Tajai believed in Weeda's potential and sought out the hyphy rapper/producer to join his Clear Label Records. With "Turfs Up" in heavy rotation locally, his official debut, Turfology 101, made a considerable stride toward national exposure upon its release in August 2006. 

2006 - Beeda Weeda was later nominated for Best New Artist at the Bay Area Music Awards. 

2008 - Beeda Weeda dropped "Da Thizzness" album thru Mac Dre's Thizz Ent Label "Town Thizzness"", his single "Ain't Scarin Nuthin' gained recognition throughout Northernn Cali  and  was getting heavy spins on 106.1Kmel, he also released a video for "You Don't Hear My Tummy" which was directed by Colin Tilley, who is now considered one of the top directors in the industry who works with A-List Artist such as Nicki Minaj, Chris Brown and  P. Diddy. 

2009 - Beeda Weeda was selected to be on National TV on a Episode of “Mean Streets: Cities On Fire”, to speak about the violence in Oakland, being Oakland was one of the most dangerous cities in the country at the time.

2010 - Beeda Weeda dropped "Mack'n Trap'n and  Rap'n" which was the first installment of the "Mack'n Trap'n and  Rap'n" series, the mixtape was hosted and presented by Young California DJ Amen and it did very well. 

2011 - Beeda was featured in the Movie “Laughing To The Bank” starring Brian Hooks, and he was featured on E-40's Album "Revenue Retrievin" and began developing a strong relationship with Too $hort. Beeda Weeda had a song titled "Racked Up", with Rick Ross MMG artist Gunplay featured on it. Afterwards, Beeda approached Too $hort with the idea of him hopping on the track too, so $hort agreed to hop on the song, and in return Beeda gave Too $hort a song for his new album "No Trespassing". The song "Playa Fo Life", ended up being the single for Too $hort’s album, and later Too $hort dropped a video for the single featuring Beeda Weeda. From there, Beeda would begin hanging and touring with Too $hort, and Too $hort would bring Beeda on stage to perform as a norm.

2012 - Beeda Weeda was a featured artist along with E-40 and  Da Jacka on D-Lo's hit single "No Ho" and  Beeda verse was the most recited verse on the single getting major airplay and  the video gaining major streams. Later on in 2012 Too $hort and  E-40 were working on they're group project titled "History: Mob Music" , Beeda Approaced them with a song titled "Gang Of Em" that ended up getting placement on they're album featuring a verse from Beeda. Beeda felt is was a good time to drop his 2nd installment to the “Mack’n Trap’n and  Rap’n” Series and  asked Too $hort to present it, which he agreed too.

2013 - Beeda Weeda dropped “Mack’n Trap’n and  Rap’n Vol.2” which was presented by Too $hort and  it did very well, the project caught the eyes of a Aand R from RBC Records which is now BMG, Beeda agreed to drop his album presented by Too $hort “Bass Rock Babies”  thru RBC Records, off the album Beeda released the single “Mack’n and  Mobb’n” and  til this day this is one of Beeda’s most streamed songs, another popular track from the album was “West Up” where Beeda featured artist from northern cali down to southern cali such as TDE”s artist Jay Rock, Beeda also dropped a EPK/BIO titled “What Is A Beeda Weeda?” starring Too $hort, E-40, B-Legit and  Souls of Mischief and Hieroglyphics member Tajai  and  if you bought the physical CD it came with a DVD also. 

Beeda had a song and  video off the “Bass Rock Babies” album titled “Revolution” about the injustice that people of color face in the United States, and  in 2016 the video was picked up and  put in rotation on national TV Networks such as BET, Revolt and  Music Choice. 

Later into 2013, Beeda Weeda was introduced to Dallas native “Yella Beezy”, who is now one of the hottest rappers in the country. Beeda was featured on Yella Beezy’s track “Doin Me”, and Yella Beezy was featured on a Beeda’s track titled “I Go To Work”. 

From 2017-2019, Beeda Weeda relocated to Los Angeles, CA along with his mentor Too $hort, and after a small break from the music scene, Beeda has now reemerged in 2020 recently dropping a new album thru Empire titled “Mob God”, produced entirely by The Mekanix. The lead single is called “Aint Mobbin”, featuring E-40 and B-Legit.  

Beeda’s song “Welcome To Oakland”, recently gained a placement on Netflix’s “Last Chance U” Episode 503. He also recently landed a Producer placement titled “The Recipe”, on J Stalin’s new album “Bay Area State Of Mind”. 

Currently, Beeda Weeda can be found in the studio working on a new album with producer DJ Fresh, who recently produced albums with Wiz Khalifa and Curren$y, to name a few. 

Another project you can expect soon, is Beeda’s follow up project “Mob God 2”, which will also be produced entirely by The Mekanix. Fans are also awaiting the 3rd installment to his “Mack’n Trap’n and  Rap’n” series, titled “Mack’n Trap’n and  Rap’n 3”.

During the Coronavirus Pandemic, Beeda Weeda inked a Record Deal with oneRPM Records, and during the stay home order in California, Beeda and his longtime friend Biaje, recorded a 8 song album titled “Quarantine”. The album features Mistah Fab, and Keak Da Sneak, and  Production from Legendary producer Sean T. Their joint project “Quarantine” will be the first project Beeda plans to release with oneRPM.

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